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  1. Line Tension Indicators
    RLT-SERIES Running Line Tensiometer (7/16” a 3” D)

  2. TCE-SERIES Line Tension Transducer
    (7/8” a 2” D, 100,000 Lb)

  3. UD-SERIES Dyna-Line Tensiometer
    (Desde 1” hasta 3 ½”)

  4. 218662-SERIES Electric Rotary Torque System
    Sensa la Corriente del Motor

  5. FA9-SERIES Hydro-Mechanical Rotary Torque System 
    Idler wheels are available for 1 1/2 through 4.063 inch single chain and 1 1/2 through 3.125 double chain

  6. H6E-SERIES Universal Tong Line Pull Assembly
    Capacities to 25,000 pounds line pull

  7. H29-SERIES Tong Torque Assembly
    Capacities to 120,000 ft lbs

  8. H40B-SERIES Tong Torque Assembly
    Capacities to 11,250 ft-lbs

  9. 40223750-SERIES Electronic Flow Line Sensor,
    8"-10", 10"-12", 12"-14", 16"-18“, 150 Psig

  10. 220005-SERIES Mud Density/Temperature Probe
    (0 to 20 Lb/Gallon), (0°C to 100°C)

  11. 222573-SERIES Ultrasonic Mud Tank Level
    Sensor Assembly (9.6 in to 16 ft, 4.8 in (.25 to 5 m))

  12. 272819-SERIES Pit Level Mud Probe
    Transmitter Assembly, 08 ft (2.4 m) , 10 ft (3.04 m), 15 ft (4.6 m), 20 ft (6.1 m)

  13. MFTX4-SERIES M/D Style Flow Line Sensor (250 Psi)

  14. 232389-SERIES Proximity Sensor Assembly
    RPM, EPM, Velocidades, Ton-Km y Sistemas de Anclaje

  15. 40218041-SERIES Rotary Torque Sensor
    Sensa la Corriente del Motor

  16. SW-SERIES Compression Load Cell
    Hook load
    Anchor tension
    Bulk mud weight
    Bulk cement weight 
    Many other applications 

  17. LP-SERIES Load Pin 
    Mooring line tension
    Tow line tension
    Crane load
    Fork lift load
    Conveyor belts and rollers
    Many other applications

  18. TL-SERIES Tension Link Load Cell
    5,000 to 500,000 lbs

  19. SD-SERIES Tension Load Cell System
    Meat Products Blender Weighing
    Chemical Ingredient Batching
    Bakery Dough Weighing
    Bulk Tank Chemical Batching
    Fertilizer Hopper Weighing
    Oilfield Tank Weighing
    Paint Batching
    Plywood Resin Hopper Weighing
    Slings, Chains, Hoisting Gear Test
    Charging Bucket Weighing
    Liquid Fertilizer Batching
    Concrete Mix Batching
    Quality Control Spring Pressure Testing
    Construction Guy-Wire Tensioning
    Yacht Weighing
    Aircraft Engine Removal
    Aircraft Thrust Measurement
    Shipping Crate Weighing
    Yard Crane Weighing
    Concrete Pipe Weighing
    On-Board Weighing
    Sheet Lifter Weighing
    Engine Power Development Measurement
    Monorail Crane Weighing
    “C” Hook Coil Lifter Weighing
    Spreader Bar Weighin
    Tension Pull Testing

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